RAVENITES - A member of the seed group of OBOD's  in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The group was founded by Dr. Stefan Duncan, Ph.d.  


Where there Hope,

There is a Seed

Where there is a seed

There if  Life

Where there is Life

A Seed can grow

It will slowly spread

May our Light

spread through the world.

 M. Dorset


Native American mythology has a tale of a raven that brings Light to this world.  The Raven is also a great participator in Celtic Mythology. Through our expressions of art and actions, our quest for spiritual union with nature and the Divine, we have found comradeship and make our tribe.

Sharing wisdom and communion with nature where the Divine is purest,  we share in fellowship.   Nature is the church for the Ravenites. 


We will be holding monthly meetings and eventually form into a Grove meeting the requirements and approval of OBOD. 


If interested in the Order of Ravenites Seed Group please contact Stefan at duncan1745@yahoo.com