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Your art is a remembrance of Van Gogh's works.

You are so blessed with such a soul to bring the best of art!

Annavita Lanong August 20, 2018


I love your art.

Kristy Mckenzie February 20, 2017

Love the artist work

Beautiful work with a calming effect.

James Mills February 20, 2017

❤️Extreme Fan

I’m so in love with Stefan’s work! ❤️We sold many of his paintings at the Garden Shoppe and Gallery at McGill Rose Garden years ago! He’s so prolific and continues to paint like Steven King writes books! Lol He’s like a mad genius! Every time I see another painting it just keeps getting better and better - and they are all so incredible from the very start! I admit, I’m an extreme fan!!!

Garrett Ladie February 7, 2019


.. you are a unique soul with such extraordinary depth of vision... and gift .. maybe from between the worlds..

K. Holme February 16, 2017

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